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[ First national park unit for LGBT Americans makes history today ]

Michael Reinemer

The Wilderness Society commends the Obama Administration for making history today with the establishment of the Stonewall National Monument in New York City.  The legacy of Stonewall Inn and nearby Christopher Park is a part of the push for human and civil rights in the United States.


[ Troubling court decision undermines BLM’s ability to regulate hydraulic fracturing ]

A recent ruling by U.S.


[ President Obama to recognize Stonewall, 1st LGBT rights national monument ]

[ Fix to the wildfire budget crisis is missing from Senate funding bill ]

Kate Mackay

The Wilderness Society released the following statement from Lydia Weiss, Government Relations Director for Lands, regarding the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s consideration of the


[ Reporter Memo: Draft legislation misses the mark for wildfire response and management ]

Kate Mackay

The severity of this problem is magnified by drastic underfunding; forcing the U.S. Forest Service to drain funds from essential programs such as fuel reduction, recreation and stewardship towards emergency fire suppression.

[ New White House report sheds light on need for fair share from energy ]

The report from the Council on Economic Advisers (CEA), the team of economists that advises the White House, makes the case that American taxpayers are not getting a fair sh


[ Hidden treasures: America’s rainforests ]

If you are like most Americans, the word “rainforest” probably conjures up images of the Congo or Amazon—teeming jungles far from home.


[ Report: Recreation on Interior land supported $45 billion in economic output, 400,000 jobs in 2015 ]

[ New forest policy will help more Americans enjoy our great outdoors ]

Michael Reinemer

“With the backdrop of President and his family visiting two iconic outdoor landmarks this weekend, we applaud new guidelines from the U.S.

[ Rep. Zinke Casts Vote for House Bill Aimed at Privatizing Control of Public Lands ]

Michael Reinemer

Representative Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) cast a vote for H.R. 2316: Self-Sufficient Community Lands Act.