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[ Say “NO” to drilling leases threatening Colorado’s Thompson Divide ]

Colorado’s Thompson Divide reminds us of the indivisible relationship that many Americans have with wild places. Our nation’s wildlands have long provided communities economic stability and crucial natural resources that allow them to survive.


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[ What Happens When Oil Spills in the Arctic? ]

As oil companies prepare to tap into Arctic oil, a new report from the National Research Council says we’re far from ready to clean up a spill.

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[ Mystery wild photo ]

The correct answer is Death Valley National Park in California.

In light of National Parks Week, you may be interested to know that Death Valley National Park is one is the largest in the lower 48 states.


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[ Scientific Wrangling Over Natural Gas and Climate Obscures the Need for Real Action ]

After decades of debate and with growing anxiety about climate change, the planet is no closer to a systematic solution to our collective energy challenge. Yet still we try.

At its impressive Vancouver gathering, National Geographic asked a simple question:  Is natural gas the bridge to a sustainable energy future? The meeting brought together an impressive group of industry specialists, community representatives, environmental activists, and Aboriginal leaders. The frank discussions ranged from highly specialized, technical observations to emotional appeals for environmental protection.…

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[ Oil and gas drilling could dim the night sky in Chaco Canyon ]

A thousand years ago, Chaco Canyon was a thriving cultural center for the ancestral Pueblo peoples of the Southwest. Multi-storied Great Houses containing hundreds of rooms lined the canyon and exotic birds and colorful pottery filled ancient marketplaces.


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